8 November 2018

Peltzer Wines supporting Wild@Life e.V

Our USA Representative and dearest friend Kristy Drinkwater tremendous love and effort for Wild@Life has led her to get the amazing support of Pelzer Windery and they are doing a fundraiser for our Chimpanzee Rescue Project! If you are around please do join this great gathering and help save us wildlife!

30 October 2018

Deriva Finance & Lifestyle Magazine Germany

Dear Supporters, As Wild@Life e.V., we got invited to feature in the quarterly Deriva magazine, a prominent German magazine. This issue is on German Hidden Champions and is printed in German, as well as in Chinese.

11 May 2018

Wild@Life Foundation has partnered with Tama Towels

World famous 100% cotton peshtemal brand Tama Towels has decided to support Africa and teamed up with Wild@Life to contribute to a school we support in Zambia. In that context Tama has produced an African line and 10% of the sale profits will go to our work in Zambia.

2 April 2018

Wild@Life Foundation has teamed up with Elite Island Resorts for World Earth Month

Elite Islands Resorts and Wild@Life Foundation is working together to save the remaining wildlife left. The Resorts is world renown for its luxurious 5 star hotels spread around heavenly Caribbean Islands like Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados and the Grenadines.

2 April 2018

Wild@Life wins ING-Diba Charity Contest

Germany's biggest charity action is over. Wild@Life made a huge success again: over 10,000 clubs and organizations have inspired members for the action and enabled friends for voting. Now the winners are out: Wild@Life won the 121nd place among 1748 charities, thanks to the supporters and the trust they have shown in the Founder and the work Wild@Life has done over the past years.

16 January 2018

Angolan Chimpanzee Rescue Update

A year ago exactly this week, I have found the 2 chimpanzees in a backyard of a restaurant, imprisoned in chicken cages for 16 and 21 years. This was a case I couldn’t turn my head to. Something needed to be done. Cabinda is a remote region and politically very mixed. It is a part of Angola and hard to reach for the country itself.