19 August 2019

Update on Angola Chimpanzee Rescue

During the last quarter of 2017 we have found two chimpanzees, in Angola, kept in small chicken cages. Once rescued from poachers, these two spent their entire lives in separate cages. A plan was needed to be implemented to save Joana, 21 and Riquita, 16, from this miserable condition.

28 July 2019

New Partnership with Eis Fontanella

Wild@Life e.V. is proud to be the new partner of Eis Fontenalla Frankfurt, the most famous ice cream hop. They have presented their new flavor of VEGAN ICE CREAM, banana with chestnut and cranberry, specially designed and made for us Wild@Life and the lions we save!!

7 May 2019

“Guardian Angel of Wildlife” – Aslıhan Gedik’s Interview with Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

We are proud to be featured in Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine this week! You can read Aslihan Gedik's interview who is Founder and Chairman of Wild@Life e.V. by clicking above picture.

12 April 2019

New Partnership with Afreeca Eclectic

Wild@Life e.V. is proud to be the new Philanthropic partner of Afreeca Eclectic and will be jointly working on conserving Wildlife.

8 November 2018

Peltzer Wines supporting Wild@Life e.V

Our USA Representative and dearest friend Kristy Drinkwater tremendous love and effort for Wild@Life has led her to get the amazing support of Pelzer Windery and they are doing a fundraiser for our Chimpanzee Rescue Project! If you are around please do join this great gathering and help save us wildlife!

30 October 2018

Deriva Finance & Lifestyle Magazine Germany

Dear Supporters, As Wild@Life e.V., we got invited to feature in the quarterly Deriva magazine, a prominent German magazine. This issue is on German Hidden Champions and is printed in German, as well as in Chinese.

11 May 2018

Wild@Life Foundation has partnered with Tama Towels

World famous 100% cotton peshtemal brand Tama Towels has decided to support Africa and teamed up with Wild@Life to contribute to a school we support in Zambia. In that context Tama has produced an African line and 10% of the sale profits will go to our work in Zambia.

2 April 2018

Wild@Life Foundation has teamed up with Elite Island Resorts for World Earth Month

Elite Islands Resorts and Wild@Life Foundation is working together to save the remaining wildlife left. The Resorts is world renown for its luxurious 5 star hotels spread around heavenly Caribbean Islands like Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados and the Grenadines.

2 April 2018

Wild@Life wins ING-Diba Charity Contest

Germany's biggest charity action is over. Wild@Life made a huge success again: over 10,000 clubs and organizations have inspired members for the action and enabled friends for voting. Now the winners are out: Wild@Life won the 121nd place among 1748 charities, thanks to the supporters and the trust they have shown in the Founder and the work Wild@Life has done over the past years.

16 January 2018

Angolan Chimpanzee Rescue Update

A year ago exactly this week, I have found the 2 chimpanzees in a backyard of a restaurant, imprisoned in chicken cages for 16 and 21 years. This was a case I couldn’t turn my head to. Something needed to be done. Cabinda is a remote region and politically very mixed. It is a part of Angola and hard to reach for the country itself.