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Angolan Chimpanzee Rescue Update

Wild@Life wins ING-Diba Charity Contest
2 April 2018

A year ago exactly this week, I have found the 2 chimpanzees in a backyard of a restaurant, imprisoned in chicken cages for 16 and 21 years. This was a case I couldn’t turn my head to. Something needed to be done. Cabinda is a remote region and politically very mixed. It is a part of Angola and hard to reach for the country itself. An area secluded and close to Congo. So it was going to be a though one. It took a lot of work, on-site and behind the scene, to secure their safety. We make sure, thanks to the support of our donors, to keep them in better conditions and a diet. Finally we secured, with the help of the National Park, a place for them in Jane Goodall sanctuary Congo. That was never been done before in the region. But every success comes with problems and groups outside the region saw the cake to be eaten (that I will come on another day). In the meanwhile we found a baby gorilla and tried to save her too, but due to the horrible conditions she was kept in, Alzira passed away 2 days ago of respiratory disease and I am devastated since. To cut it short, after a year of work Everything is ready, the CITES certificates have already been sent to the Congo, the visa requests for the Tchimpounga team have already been sent to 10 days ie from 15 to 25.10, we are waiting for Dr who arrives in the Congo on October 14. Here we will plan the ideal day for the transfer of primates. The process is being well guarded and hopefully everything will go well. Not so long before the two moves out of cages..

Thank you for all the support you have shown to us. We will have many more cases like this in the region and we hope to implement something sustainable to stop poaching.

Aslihan Gedik