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Wild@Life e.V. does not forget farm and small wild animals! We are working hand by hand with Ruesselheim e.V. and have already supported their work over the past years.

In 2018 we have adopted 5 more rescues at the last moment of being slaughtered. Kilis, the beautiful baby mini pig pictured, and Afrin, the handsome little Piemonteser Ox. We have named them Kilis and Afrin, in the memory of our Syrian War Rescue in 2017, where we have saved 13 wild animals (lions, bears, hyenas and tigers) from an abandoned zoo in Aleppo Syria, all the way from Turkey. Kilis is the border city of Turkey, situated near the Syrian border, where we have spent days, under sounds of bombs, finalizing our last plans and preparation before entering Syria. And Afrin, a city near Aleppo, was crossed by with our rescued animals. We hope the names for our new adopted pig and ox is a symbol for peace for animals and surely for humans around the Globe. We have adopted 2 rabbits saved from being slaughtered, Chis and Dennis, and they will leave a happy life at the rescue. Our lamb Hakan is the last addition to our adopted animals.

Would you like to support them by making contribution or adoption? We really need all the support for our lovely bunch!!!

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