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Nigeria Kaduna Zoo Rescue (Stern, Focus & T-Online)

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10 October 2020
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5 September 2021
WildatLife e.V. (Wild@Life) has been working intensively on two zoo rescues over the past few months. One of the Zoo is in Burkina Faso, the other one in Kaduna, Nigeria. Both places were horror zoos and not a single NGO was putting their hands on for helping the places, until we have heard the abuses ourselves. Since then, we started working day and night to rescue the animals in both countries. Our work was covered on world media and by some very prominent news agencies in each corner of the globe. We are happy to announce that many animals are thriving since our intervention.
Our NGO WildatLife is registered in Germany. This is the reason why we are proud that Stern, Focus and T-Online covered our work done over the past years, ranging from the horror zoos to lion rescue from canned hunting farms to chimpanzee rescue and antipoaching. We will continue fighting for Biodiversity and species conservation.
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BREAKING NEWS: We are closing Nigeria Kaduna Zoo
WildatLife is proud to share the good news that our Mission to legally close the Horror Zoo in Kaduna, Nigeria has been successful.

This is the first time a state-owned zoo in Nigeria will be closing due to the work of an NGO like ours and we are extremely proud of our intensive work – having seen large charities take 7 years and spending incoming donation money to take legal action, we are proud to have achieved this with the work of our passionate volunteers – this enables us to use your donation money direct on the animals in urgent need. This means that all animals held at the horror zoo will be relocated under our supervision, expert advice and care. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kaduna State Government that will see the lives of the remaining animals protected and relocated. We will start to move the animals to ethical sanctuaries and reserves. They will never again face hunger, pain or exploitation.

We thank The Governor of Kaduna State through Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency to bring such a positive change. We hope other states in Nigeria will follow their example in closing down Zoos and bringing animals to sanctuaries. The world would be a much better place with means to be used on wildlife to remain wild.
This is the second zoo our NGO has closed down and rescued animals at within months apart.