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Species Conservation Chizarira National Park and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Mission Caita: Chimpanzee Rescue and Law Enforcement Angola
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WildatLife (Wild@Life e.V.) has been working since more than a decade in Zimbabwe, mostly for Lion Conservation. The team is collaring wild lions and elephants. In order to monitor the lion population, individuals from various prides are collared with a satellite/VHF radio collar, and the movements of the prides are monitored. A satellite collar is needed due to the very broken country making up the study area. In addition ground tracking using the VHF function is carried out tri-weekly so that individual associations, kills, cub survival etc data can be collected.

Wild@Life is present in Chizarira National Park, 2000sqm of wilderness, for Biodiversity research. Collaring is very important for the conservation of the species and fighting against human wildlife conflict. This mission is of great importance and you can see the collaring video below (please turn the volume up). The lioness is named after our Founder "Asli". Scientifically she will be referred to lioness 2171 and we are monitoring her movements and collar other pride members in the area. The lioness is named after our Founder "Asli". Scientifically she will be referred to lioness 2171 and we can’t wait to monitor her movements and collar other prides member in the area.

This project is vital as it focuses on a vulnerable species and links in to other lion studies in the Kavinga Zambezi Trans-frontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) which includes five countries (Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

The team led by Dr Norman Monks in partnership with Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority and Wild@Life e.V. represented by the Founder Asli Han Gedik, successfully collars a female lion in Chizarira National Park Zimbabwe. Aside from collaring, Wild@Life rescues, rehabilitates and releases lions, hyenas and elephants within the country. The NGO also works as anti poachers in the region.These are vital works for species protection and anti poaching. If you want to be involved in such important missions to safeguard the environment, please let us know, we really need to save the Lion King in real life! You probably all know that the lion population has declined since 1994, the original release year of Disney Lion King movie. So why not help us bring the King back to where he belongs? Together we can do better.

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