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Emergency Public Statement

Naturee Published a Video about Wild@Life
3 March 2020
Aslihan chosen one of the most inspiring women by Mercedes Magazine
6 July 2020

Upon the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists, governments & wildlife NGOs are on the same page: the destruction of biodiversity by humankind
creates new viruses & diseases.

Wild@Life is fighting on the ground to ban wildlife poaching, trafficking & illegal timber lodging.

SARS, Ebola, HIV, Monkeypox, Marburg, Bubonic Plague, MERS, Influenza, COVID-19 & many other highly contagious diseases are closely linked to bushmeat & wet markets where wild, farm & domestic animals are sold alive & slaughtered on the spot for human

If we don’t act in global solidarity to stop wildlife crime & wet markets operation NOW, other pandemics will follow. Worst, the upcoming pandemics could hit in multiple numbers & simultaneously. No government has the funds, expertise & means to fight such an eventual disaster.

Please support us in this critical fight which might be the last resort to
save humanity.