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Endangered Species Rescue Ziniaré Zoo Burkina Faso

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Image of Alma the Lioness on the first day of investigation and rescue. 
She is one of the four lions left on the brink of death; she is Blind. 
Wildatlife e.V took on another urgent mission to help rescue the 47 animals who had been found in Burkina Faso, hungry and weak due to malnutrition, while some animals had already died of starvation. 

Our team saw the appalling conditions the endangered animals were held and let to suffer in the zoo. Four West African lionesses, two hippos, two porcupines, dozens of primates, a striped hyena, red-necked ostriches, turtles and elks had all been starved for weeks and their health was in a ‘dire’ state. 

Our investigation found four skeletal lionesses on the verge of death,
with one lioness completely blind, left to fend for themselves inside individual cages.

Wildatlife.e.V and their partner, ‘The Association for the Protection of Fauna and Flora’ investigation on the rescue at Ziniare Zoo, Burkina Faso: On inspection of the 112 hectares Zoo, the team found dozens of endangered species on the verge of death. Hungry, weak and exploited for profit at every stage of their lives. The more was inspected, the greater the horror was witnessed. We have learnt that in last six years, most of the captive animals in the horror zoo had died from lack of care and food.  When our team inspected the porcupines cage, we were met with the smell of decay and we were already too late. The animals took their last breath in our presence. They had been locked and left to rot for too long. The situation was devastating.

Inventory of Animals in distress found at the Zoo:

– 4 x Lions: Alma(Blind), Mala, Nala and Dona (Females, West African Species).

– 1 x Hyena named Loca.

– 2 x Hippocampus.

– Family of red necked Ostrich’s(Free roaming).

– Horses(Free roaming).

– Family of Tortoises.

– Family of Monkeys.

 and elks. 
Loca the striped Hyena on inspection at the Zoo in Burkina Faso. 
The two Hippocampus left to starved and dumped with putrid water full of algae.
The 2 hippocampi now enjoying fresh foods daily and an enriched environment provided by our teams. 
Action and improvements: 
Our promise to help the 47 starving animals at the Burkina Faso Zoo was a very long and emotional road to recovery. Our mission was moving in a very high success rate. WildatLife.s.V is honored and humbled to disclose that the zoo is now closed and power of attorney issued to take further action. It took a lot of logistics, a lot of nutritional support and a lot of work to bring them all back to health and they finally have comfort after months of starvation.
The four African Lions, Alma(Blind), Mala, Dona and Nala are starting to thrive and enjoying each other’s companies after a life time spent trapped in individual cages. Alma, whom is blind, will never gain her sight back, her life in captivity, her past bad nutritional care and her old age are contributing factors but we will make sure she is always provided with the best care in the last years of her life at sanctuary.
The future: WildatLife.e.V and their partner, The Protection of Fauna and Flora, are transforming the once zoo into a Sanctuary. – Making the park self-sustainable, so that conservation/preservation of species is the main priority.  We have a huge success- one less zoo in the world, rehabilitation of endangered species to preserve and the full rescue and recovery of 47 animals.
The Lioness enjoying a new found freedom in her now Pride of four.
Below you can see how the 47 Animals are doing at our Sanctuary in Burkina Faso now: