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Stray Animal Rescue Turkey

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How we help?

Turkey (aka Anatolia) is the heart of the near East, known for its beautiful dogs and cats, cohabiting with the people for centuries. An amazing fact is that the ancestry of every single species of today’s domestic cat is the Turkish Angora. Unfortunately today, the variety and abundance of Turkish stray animals couldn’t cope with the country’s disproportionate and hasty urban development and turned them to unwanted or out of sight beasts somehow. As Wild@Life, we are continuously pursuing stray animal s rescue operations in Turkey. For nearly a decade, we aim to save stray dogs and cats from the busy capital cities’ downtown's as well as rural and forsaken areas of the overpopulated country.

Our mission is, in order of preference, as follows:

1. Feeding them daily
2. Caring of the injured ones and supply of prosthesis
3. Spay and neuter
4. Re-homing of the little ones
5. Re-homing of the handicaps
6. Re-homing of the grownups
7. Temporary house fostering
8. Relocating them in pet hostels
9. Relocating them into veterinary custody
10. Relocating them into safer zones (parks and gardens, private shelters)
11. Homing overseas

We established this master-plan taking into account time and cost efficiency. For instance, although re-homing them overseas seems to be the most preferably option, the endured costs and time is way above the predictions. Aside cost, another problem is the permanent field officer assistance. Considering the country’s present economic crisis deepening day by day, volunteering jobs are not always an option. Moreover, due to the crisis, crime rate is noticeably increasing in suburbs and bustles, which in return re-tributes to strays in term of physical injury, rheumatism, slaughtering, sadistic acts, amputation, rape, kidnaps and dog fights.

As Wild@Life, we are proud to state that our male and female field officers are bold, loyal, well trained and apt to fight back in case of emergency.

We kindly would like to put into your attention that we are a charity that has come into existence by fast friends and close entourage and we deeply need your assistance, whether moral and/or material. even your smallest contribution would be useful in our fight against exploiters, perverts, gamblers, sadists, thinner addicts, and, the worst of all, the apathetic.

You can see the pictures of the strays we have saved and re-homed, before and after.

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Thank you for your empathy.