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Lion Rescue- Zimbabwe Zambia

Community Empowerment and Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Zimbabwe Zambia
New Partnership with Eis Fontanella

Wild lion population has decreased by 90% since 1975 and the crisis is real. Africa needs lions and the future of the king is in danger. Wild@Life Founder and Chairman is in cooperation with African Lion Environmental Research Trust as their local partner since 2010. The project has accomplished 2 major lion releases in Zimbabwe (2010) and Zambia (2011). We work to increase the population of wild lions across the continent. We are preparing a third release in Zimbabwe and this will be one that has never been done before.

We recognize that programs directed towards protecting habitat for the remaining wild lions must continue to be the mainstay of conservation efforts, and that new multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches are necessary to achieve this.

To best meet the challenges facing remnant lion populations we should be clear about the causes of their continuing decline and the threats to their survival.

- Loss of habitat and natural prey
- Conflict with humans and livestock
- Unsustainable trophy hunting and trade in lion parts
- Disease and climate change
- Inbreeding Depression

We work hand by hand with social projects and support clinics, orphanages and schools in the surroundings.

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