Lion Rescue from Breeding / Canned Hunting Farms

A canned hunt is a trophy hunt which is not "fair chase"; it has been made too easy for the hunter. In some examples, animals have been kept in a confined area, such as in a fenced-in area, increasing the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill.

Species Conservation Chizarira National Park and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

WildatLife e.V. (Wild@Life) is helping conservation of species, wilderness and habitat in Chizarira National Park, 2000sqm of wilderness. In this context, the teams also collars wild lions and elephants as well as hyenas.

Mission Caita: Chimpanzee Rescue and Law Enforcement Angola

Angola’s most impressive natural resource is the Mayombe rainforest in the Northern Cabinda Province. The forest covers an average of 290.000 hectares. Mayombe is often described as the “Amazon of Africa”, hosting a remarkable variety of plant and animal species.

Elephant Rescue Project and Orphanage Zambia

WildatLife e.V. (Wild@Life) is working in Zambia to safeguard elephants in Livingstone Sanctuary. It is a very tough and financially heavy job to do, as elephants are expensive to keep. But we cannot leave them or return them to wilderness, as they will not survive! If you want to support this amazing project, please do! We can take more elephants under our care.

Save Pangolins. Stop Wildlife Trafficking. Ban Wet-markets. Stop Pandemics.

The target of poachers, smugglers and traffickers, endangered Pangolins are considered one of the most trafficked animals in the world.

Mission Shadow: Distressed and Malnourished Endangered Species Rescue at Kaduna Zoo, Nigeria

Wildatlife e.V is on an urgent mission working in Kaduna, Nigeria. We are providing urgent medical support and nutritional support to Shadow the Lion and the other captive animals at the Horror Zoo. The problem started after a flood ravaged the Zoo and affected paddocks.

Bebas Topeng Monyet “Dancing Monkeys” Rescue and Rehabilitation Indonesia

Long Tailed Macaques are extremely popular in Indonesia as they are used as Dancing Monkeys, Topeng Monyet is what they are called in locally. This is a very cruel practice. Wild@Life and their partners JAAN is working to end this practice.

Climate Change Last Victims: Giraffes are dying of hunger and thirst In North Kenya

Temperatures are rising, lands are drying, water is getting scarce, wild fires are ravaging the forest, unusual floods are hitting cities....disasters are becoming a day-to-day life event. This is the sad outcome of Climate Change. Our Planet cannot cope anymore.

Endangered Species Rescue Ziniaré Zoo Burkina Faso

Wildatlife.e.V and their partners, The Association for the Protection of Fauna and Flora in Burkina Faso, is working to implement an emergency takeover and turn the 112 hectares Zoo with 47 starving animals in to an ethical wildlife sanctuary.

Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Namaacha Valley Mozambique

Wild@Life does not want to lose sight of perhaps the most significant issue for elephants today across Africa, that of an increasing human population, climate change and an ever-increasing fragmentation of wildlife areas.

Lion Rescue- Zimbabwe Zambia

Wild lion population has decreased by 90% since 1975 and the crisis is real. Africa needs lions and the future of the king is in danger. Wild@Life Founder and Chairman is in cooperation with African Lion Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) as their Ambassador since 2010.

Community Empowerment and Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Zimbabwe Zambia

The largest ‘current’ threat for wildlife is the challenge to co exist with the surrounding villages. The human population is constantly increasing and expanding which makes conflict inevitable. Lions, elephants and other species constantly being shot at, snared or worse, poisoned.

Zimbabwe Lion Project

The Matusadona Lion Project has collared 11 lions amongst 5 prides since 2014. Data from satellite GPS collars has allowed the project to better understand the conservation status of lions in the area and recognised actions that must be taken to improve the populations's viability.

Farm Animal Rescue Project Germany

Wild@Life e.V. does no forget farm and small wild animals! We are working hand by hand with Ruesselheim e.V. and have already supported their work over the past years.

Primate Freedom Project

The Primate Freedom Project is dedicated to ending the use of nonhuman primates in biomedical and harmful behavioral experimentation. The Primate Freedom Project has three components: Education, Advocacy, and Support.

Orangutan and Slow Loris Rescue Project, Indonesia

Wild@Life Founder and Chairman is working for the conservation of rainforest and orangutans with Orangutan Outreach as the European Representative. This cooperation involves IAR, SOCP, BOSF, COP and Outrop, the partner based in Indonesia. We are doing field trips and gather what is urgently needed to safeguard the wildlife.

Stray Animal Rescue Turkey

Turkey (aka Anatolia) is the heart of the near East, known for its beautiful dogs and cats, cohabiting with the people for centuries. An amazing fact is that the ancestry of every single species of today’s domestic cat is the Turkish Angora. Unfortunately today, the variety and abundance of Turkish stray animals couldn’t cope with the country’s disproportionate and hasty urban development and turned them to unwanted or out of sight beasts somehow.